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Summer Reading Information

Summer reading is now extra credit!

Please see the project link below to see how you can be eligible to receive this great head start on your grade for the coming semester. Reading lists are included below as well but are included as suggestions, not requirements.

All documents listed below are in Adobe .pdf format. Click each link to view or download.

Websites for Reading Suggestions

These links will take you to external book lists in different categories.

Links to Reading Lists
  • If you want traditional high school reads, go here.
  • If you are after more contemporary reading, go here.
  • If you want science fiction, here’s a great list of old and new.
  • If it’s high school romance you are after, try looking here.
  • Want a book that’s more for a guy? Try looking here.
  • Like anime? Try one of these.
  • Looking for a classic? Here’s the top 100 books of the century from Modern Library, both the board and reader lists.
  • More into reality than fiction? Look here or here for some non-fiction reads.