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Student Assistance Program

Mount Anthony Union High School has a comprehensive Student Assistance Program with services including prevention, screening and referral, early intervention and treatment. Prevention efforts are focused school-wide by keeping students, faculty and staff aware of information and offering activities promoting healthy living. The Student Assistance Counselor conducts screenings for students demonstrating a possible mental health or substance use problem and supports students and families when referrals for additional services are needed. MAUHS has four licensed clinical social workers on campus to provide services to students when school-based services are needed. One of those social workers is also a certified alcohol and drug abuse counselor.


Kristyn Harrington, Coordinator Clinical Services, 447-7511 x429
Mark Shin, Student Assistance Counselor, 447-7511 x437

Student Assistance Counselor Newsletter, Edited by Mark Shin:

May 2017 (PDF)
April 2017 (PDF)
February 2017 (PDF)

March-April 2016
December 2015 (PDF)
October-November 2015 (PDF)
September 2015 (PDF)
March-April 2015 (PDF)
January-February 2015 (PDF)
November-December 2014 (PDF)
October 2014 (PDF)


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