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Senior Project

Jennifer Welles
Senior Project Coordinator

MAUHS Community Service Senior Project

The Senior Project concept began in 1986 at South High School in Medford, Oregon, as a culminating assessment tool for evaluating high school seniors. In 1988, Senior Project won the NEA award for Academic Excellence. Currently about 1000 high schools across the country offer Senior Project; many schools use the course as a graduation requirement for seniors. For more on Senior Project, visit the national website: www.seniorproject.net

Senior Project at Mount Anthony Union High School began in 2004, and is offered as a graded elective course. In 2012, the Community Service component was added to the project phase of the course. Students demonstrate their ability to design and direct their own learning process, inspired by their individual interests. The course is correlated to the Common Core Standards as well as MAUHS’s Core Value Statement and 21st Century Learning Expectations. Through a series of introspective exercises students define an area of interest to pursue. They take responsibility for their own learning and act as citizens in making a contribution to some aspect of their (school or greater) community.

Students pursue their topics through four components of the course:
  1. The research/writing – Students research and complete an informational and/or argument piece of writing 6 - 9 pages in length (MLA Format);
  2. The project – Students develop projects related to their area of interest and incorporating a community service component. Seniors dedicate 50-hours to their project work; In addition to the course teachers, students work with a project mentor;
  3. The speech - Students make a verbal presentation to an audience of peers, teachers, administrators, parents, business, and community representatives;
  4. The portfolio – Students compile and organize a collection of work materials from the course.

All students demonstrate a "learning stretch" in their work for Senior Project.

Please feel free to contact Ms. Welles with any questions.