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Art Department

We are currently following the standards for Visual Art as outlined by the state of Vermont. We are also providing a link to the new National Common Core standards in visual art:
Elizabeth Howe - Art Teacher
Annelise McNeice - Art Teacher
Jill VanOrden - Art Teacher

Foreign Language Department

Isabelle Herbert - Foreign Language Teacher
Carmela Kovage - Foreign Language Teacher/Department Head
Paul Mackin - Foreign Language Teacher, Co-head Teacher - Mr. Mackin's Website
Dylan Wajda - Foreign Language Teacher
Meegan Winslow - Foreign Language Teacher

English Department

Colette Carse - English Teacher
Bret Chenkin - English Teacher
Cailin Comar - English Teacher
Kylie Ellithorpe - English Teacher
James Fischer - English Teacher
Kristina Hansen - English Teacher - Ms. Hansen's Website
Laura Krause - English Teacher - Ms. Krause's Website
Ashley Raspuzzi - English Teacher - Mrs. Raspuzzi's Website
Mark Upright - English Teacher - Freshman Academy Website
Chloe West - English Teacher

Music Department

Mason Mills - Band Teacher - MAU Band
Lynn Sweet - Choral Music Teacher - MAU Choirs