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The Recycling Club is looking for students who are interested in making a difference. The club meets Thursdays and Fridays after school for 30 to 45 minutes, collecting and processing all recyclable materials throughout the high school. Last year the club was revitalized, and between February and June we drastically changed the destination of much of MAUs waste--from the landfill to the Zero Sort recycling facility in Rutland, VT. The club redeemed more than 8,000 returnable bottles and cans. We estimate this to be about 1/3 of the overall bottles and cans recycled. Doing the math and extending those numbers to the entire school year, that means our school community used almost 50,000 bottles and cans last year. In an effort to decrease such huge waste we sold reusable water bottles and continue to encourage everyone to use less, reuse more, and recycle whenever possible.