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Staff Directory

Below is a comprehensive, alphabetized listing of the Mt. Anthony Union High School staff by department. Each name is linked to an email address. Click a name to send an email. Visit a classroom website by clicking on the Classroom Link.

Note: Not all teachers have classroom pages.

Administration - 802-447-7511

Stephen Nixon - Principal - x230
Christopher Barnes - Associate Principal - x241
David Beriau - Dean of Students - x254

Academic Mentoring Program

Marcus Hass - Academic Mentor, Program Coordinator
Linda Chamberlain - Academic Mentor
Lucas Harrington - Academic Mentor
David Krawczyk - Academic Mentor
Erin Lyon - Academic Mentor
Tory Rich - Academic Mentor

Administrative Staff - 802-447-7511

Beth Becker - Data Processor II - x219
Amy Bolio - Secretary II - x270
Jean Dewey - Secretary II - x288
Colleen Draper - Secretary II
Christina Gabrus - Office Manager - x242
Elizabeth Lane - Records Secretary - x256
Tracy Rennell - Attendance Secretary - x244

Alternative Education Department

Dani Crosier - Quantum Leap Instructor - Quantum Leap Exhibit Program website
Ric Crosier - BRIDGES program
Anne Marie Webber - Alternative Education Teacher

Art Department

Elizabeth Howe - Art Teacher
Annelise McNeice - Art Teacher, Co-head Teacher
Jill VanOrden - Art Teacher

Athletics Department

Ashley Hoyt - Athletic Director - MAU Patriots Website
Jeff Wood - Athletic Trainer
Bridgette Worthington - Athletics/Activities Secretary

Custodial, Maintenance & Grounds Staff

Douglas Burgess - Custodian
Raymond Campbell - Groundskeeper
Richard Cleary - Custodian
Paul Dansereau - MAU Director of Facilities
Joseph Hayes - Custodian
David Martin - Groundskeeper
Henry Maynard
John McIntyre
William Myers - Maintenance
William Pulver - Foreman
Robert Rogalski - Groundskeeper
Michael Rupprecht
Logan Starr - Custodian
Dennis St. John
Jose Viera - Maintenance
Steven Waters - Custodian

Driver's Education

Daniel Sleeman - Driver's Education Teacher

English Department

Bret Chenkin - English Teacher
Cailin Comar - English Teacher
Jessica Cook - English Teacher
Kylie Ellithorpe - English Teacher
James Fischer - English Teacher
Kristina Hansen - English Teacher - Ms. Hansen's Website
Laura Krause - English Teacher - Ms. Krause's Website
Ashley Raspuzzi - English Teacher - Mrs. Raspuzzi's Website
Amy Thivierge - English Teacher/Department Head
Mark Upright - English Teacher - Freshman Academy Website
Chloe West - English Teacher

Foreign Language Department

Isabelle Herbert - Foreign Language Teacher
Carmela Kovage - Foreign Language Teacher/Department Head
Paul Mackin - Foreign Language Teacher, Co-head Teacher - Mr. Mackin's Website
Dylan Wajda - Foreign Language Teacher
Meegan Winslow - Foreign Language Teacher

Health Department

Jeremy Burns - Health Teacher

Library Department

Sara Coons - Librarian - MAUHS Library Website
Gloria Lacroix- Library Clerk
Anne Marie Malack - Library Clerk

Math Department

Tanya Brown - Math Teacher
Adam Carmichael - Math Teacher
Chad Gordon - Math Teacher, Head Teacher - Mr. Gordon's Website
Brian Harrington - Math Teacher
Tim Kane - Math Teacher
Chong Suk Ladd - Math Teacher
Alison LaForest - Math Teacher
Randy Lyon - Math Teacher - Freshman Academy Website
Rachel Mawson - Math Teacher
Meaghan Morgan-Puglisi - Math Teacher - Ms. M's Math Website
Mary Morrison - Math Teacher

Music Department

Mason Mills - Band Teacher - MAU Band
Lynn Sweet - Choral Music Teacher - MAU Choirs

Nurses Department - 802-447-7511

Physical Education Department

Lorrie Carra - Physical Education Teacher, Head Teacher
Robert Kurtzner - Physical Education Teacher
Scott Legacy - Physical Education Teacher
Ken Turn - Physical Education Teacher

School Based Clinicians

Russell Chou - School Based Clinician
Deb Munoz - School Based Clinician - x402
Bruce Smith - School Based Clinician - x267
Jennifer Strattman - School Psychologist
Stacey Subik - School Based Clinician - x428

School Counseling Department - 802-447-7511

Antoniette Bucciero - School Counselor - x246
Eric Caron - School Counselor - x250
Madelyn Degler - School Counselor - x248
Kristin Eastman - Guidance Counselor
Lisa Harrington-Redding - School Counselor - x264
Jamie Jozefiak-Estey - School Counselor - x247
Dan Lucy - School Counselor - x 245
Nancy Vanderbilt - School Counselor, Head Counselor - x266

School To Work Office - 802-447-7511

Jennifer Moore - School To Work Director - x214 - School to Work Website

Science Department

Allison Brigham - Science Teacher, Co-head Teacher - Freshman Academy Website
James Cross - Science Teacher, Co-head Teacher - Mr. Cross' Website
Rebecca Green - Science Teacher
Michael Liguori - Science Teacher
Dawn McEwan - Science Teacher - Mc's Science Portal
Diane Moore - Science Teacher - Ms. Moore's Website
Charles Moses - Science Teacher
Nathan Reutter - Science Teacher
Daniel Rosenthal - Science Teacher
Emily Turner - Science Teacher

Security Management Team

Paul Barci - Security Officer
Victor Milani - Security Management
Teri Haskins - Security Management

Social Studies Department

Richard Caswell - Social Studies Teacher
Stephen Coggeshall - Social Studies Teacher
Katherine Contrada - Social Studies Teacher
Richard Crosier - Social Studies Teacher
Hal Friday - Social Studies Teacher - Mr. Friday's Website
Kerri Friday - Social Studies Teacher - Mrs. Friday's Website
Kevin Ingraham - Social Studies Teacher
Michael Molloy - Social Studies Teacher, Head Teacher
Jeremy Neill - Social Studies Teacher - Freshman Academy Website
Brooke Remington - Social Studies Teacher
Jennifer Welles - Social Studies Teacher - Ms. Welles Website

Special Education Department

Brian Allard - Special Education Teacher
Kurt Austin - Special Education Teacher
Nicole Aversano Merrow - Special Education Teacher
Brent Clark - Special Education Teacher
Ellenor Cox-Hansen - Special Education Evaluator
Katherine Cross - Special and Language Pathologist
Jennifer Fischer - Associate Director: Special Ed
Dana Hendrickson - Special Education Teacher (IDEALS)
Jeff Howe
Mary Jo Kwiatek - Special Education Teacher
Melissa Martocchio - Nurse
Ajay Martucci - Special Education Teacher
Allison Matunas - Physical Therapist
Claire Monks - Special Education Teacher
Linda O'Brien - Special Education Teacher
Kristen Olmstead - Special Education Teacher
Roy Palmer - Special Education Teacher
Anne Schramm - Special Education Teacher
Christopher Schuyler - Alternative Program
Erik Smith - Special Education Teacher
Adam Tronsen - Special Education Teacher
Charlene Webster - Special Education, Head Teacher

Special Education Paraprofessionals

Kassidy Carpenter - Para Educator
Amber Churco - Para Educator
Laurie Connell - Para Educator
Shannon Cutler - Para Educator
Melissa Doty - Para Educator
Linda Dovitski - Para Educator 
Katie Dutcher - Para Educator 
Shanta Ghosh - Para Educator
Aimee Harrington - Para Educator
Anne Jorgensen - Para Educator
Heather Killary - Para Educator
Allison King - Para Educator
Erin Morandi - Para Educator
Leslie Pinsonneault - In School Suspension
Peggy Sauer-Gagnon - Para Educator
Stephanie Shoff - Intensive Special Needs Specialist
Ann Singer - Para Educator
Cindy Sweet - Para Educator
Michelle Tobin - Para Educator
Stephen Weinstock - Special Education Secretary
Gabriel White - Para Educator
Roxanne Williams - Para Educator
Tasha Wright - Para Educator

Technology Education Department

Barbara Ackerman - Digital Arts Teacher
Judith Estes - Business Teacher/Department Head - Mrs. Estes' Website
Douglas Patac - Computer Technology Teacher - Mr. Patac's Website

Technology Staff - 802-447-7511

Steven DeZalia - Technician I
Lynda Haynes - Technician I
Marvin Smith - Systems Administrator - x421
Charles Watson - Senior Systems Administrator - x218