Graduation Requirements: Students must complete 24 credits to graduate. Core graduation requirements are:

 Area of Study  Credits
 English: 4 credits
 Social Science:
Credits completed must include:
  SS1 World History (4 M BCE-1400 CE);
  SS2 World History (1400 CE-1850);
  and SS3 US History (1776-Present)
3 credits
 Mathematics: 3 credits
Credits completed must include:
  Unified Science
3 credits
 Physical Education: 1.5 credits
 Health: 0.5 credit
 Technology: 0.5 credit
 Art/Music: 1 credit
 Electives: 7.5 credits
 Total graduation credits required: 24 credits
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Please Note:
Some Career Development Center (CDC) programs have embedded graduation requirement credit(s) and some CDC classes may fulfill requirements in the area of mathematics, Science, English, or Art.

Please see the CDC Program of Studies and check with your school counselor about courses in the CDC that fulfill MAUHS graduation requirements.

Within the science requirements, one credit must be a physical science and one must be a life science.

Within the history requirements, credits must be obtained in World, World/US and US History.