4. Staff Tab

Staff Tab

The Staff tab is linked to the site's home page. Links under this tab include:
  • Google Docs - an external link to your SVSU Google Apps for Education login.
  • Infinite Campus - an external link to the Infinite Campus for teachers login.
  • Mojo HelpDesk - login and post IT tickets here to get assistance from the Technology Department.
  • Webmail - a link to your SVSU email.
  • Computer Labs - a link for teachers to sign out the HS Computer Labs
  • Curriculum - an external link to the SVSU Curriculum pages which describe what students should know and be able to do.
  • Daily Schedule - a description of the regular daily schedule.
  • Documents & Forms - a link to SVSU forms for staff members.
  • Invest EAP - an external link to the Employee Assistance Program.
  • Professional Learning - an external link to the current professional learning opportunities available to staff.
  • Staff Directory / Websites - a listing of school employees in the building. Names are linked to email addresses. Where teachers have created classroom websites, links are available.
  • Tech Services - an external link to the Tech Services Department pages on the SVSU site. Listed on these pages are Frequently Asked Questions, Tech Tips, and other helpful information.
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